“A real revolution on the battlefield”: this

is the IDF's "tank of the future"

The Defense Ministry and the IDF launched today (Tuesday), after five years of development and production, the Barak, the first tank in the 5th generation armor. The tank, which the IDF calls the “tank of the future,” includes, among other things, AI-based sensing capabilities and better enemy exposure capabilities on the battlefield. The army sees the new tank as one that will become a main and decisive tool in the next campaign.

“A real revolution on the battlefield”: this

According to the announcement, the new tanks, developed by the Ground Forces, the Armored Corps and the “Iron Traces” Brigade (401), which include systems from Elbit, Rafael and IAI, were absorbed this month by the Habokim Battalion of the Iron Trace Brigade. The tank commander will have the ability to be inside the vessel – without sticking his head out. The new tool can also launch attack drones, neutralizing anti-tank fire.

The Barak also includes multi-touch screens, advanced operation controllers, adaptation to changing combat situations and improved survivability. This, the army promises, is only a partial list of the tank’s capabilities.”Barak’s exposure, operation and processing capabilities will be a real revolution on the battlefield. The commander will be equipped with a combat helmet developed by Elbit Systems, similar to pilots’ helmets, which will display all relevant combat data when anchored on the combat zone.

The system will enable 360-degree scanning by moving the head and locating targets in real time,” the IDF Spokesperson added.”A real revolution on the battlefield.To all this will be added an improved tank sight and gunner with advanced observation capabilities, with an improved cross.  These are new capabilities that will enable the tank crew, among other things, to better defend themselves throughout the fighting.

This is due, among other things, to Rafael’s advanced Trophy defense system, which is designed to deal with anti-tank missiles. The tank’s fire capabilities have also undergone a significant upgrade.The Lightning tank, which began to be thought about back in 2015, will be able to generate and extract information quickly while transferring it to attack complexes as part of the target bank. The army also says it will have the ability to transfer intelligence in real time between the branches.

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For this purpose, it was equipped with a broad sensor infrastructure, which will enable it to control the area more deeply, acquire targets in the environment and close fire circles in short and precise times. “It will be equipped with advanced connectivity capabilities for tanks and other combat vehicles on the battlefield. The Barak tank will also be equipped with touch screens, similar to smartphones and the use of unique applications in simple operation for the generation of recruits, which will enable easy and accessible operation for the tank crew.

The AI is also in the picture.Defense Minister Yoav Galant: “How symbolic that at a time when we mark the 50th anniversary of the Yom Kippur War, and the heroic battles waged during which the armored fighters defended our country, we receive further proof of the relevance and strength of the tank as a fundamental and decisive factor in ground maneuvers. The innovative era that the Barak tank brings to the IDF is an extraordinary leap forward and a clear expression of the technological capabilities that repeatedly ensure the IDF’s qualitative advantage – in defense and offense.

Great appreciation for the engineers of the DCO, the ground forces and all personnel. The profession of the excellent partners in the mission.Brig. Gen. Oren Giber, Head of the Defense Ministry’s DCO, said: “In developing the Barak, Israel sets a very high standard of technological excellence. A battle tank that is actually a unique weapon system, based on a high-quality sensing system, artificial intelligence engines and a customized and intuitive operating interface.

The Lightning was designed from a different approach, of anti-fragility, in order to give IDF fighters a built-in flexibility capability that will enable them to win in all combat scenarios. I am proud of the genius of development and the strength of the commitment of the personnel of the DCO, the Ground Forces and the Israeli Defense Industry, which is unparalleled in the world, and I would like to congratulate the armored fighters with their success and success, because it is clear to us, the developers of the armored vehicles, that today, as in the past, it is the man in the tank who will win.

in conclusion “A real revolution on the battlefield”: this

Chief Armored Officer, Brigadier General Hisham Ibrahim: “A few days before a new year, and in the 50th anniversary of the Yom Kippur War, the Armored Corps is equipping itself with the Barak tank, which is the glory of Israeli industry, a tank that is all blue and white. In my eyes, this is much more than exciting, in a year in which we commemorate the heroism of the armored fighters of the 1973 generation, who physically halted the attacks of the Arab armies, demonstrated heroism and a remarkable fighting spirit, this is a historic event.

 The commander of the 401st Brigade, Colonel Benny Aharon, added: “The 401st Brigade sees the absorption of the Barak tank as a historic event and a national mission for victory in the next campaign.

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