Hundreds of Jews ascend to Temple Mount,

Palestinians threaten escalation

Security tensions: Yesterday, the IDF attacked a Hamas position in the northern Gaza Strip, and today (Sunday) the Palestinians called on young people in Gaza to again engage in violent confrontations with the security forces at the border fence. This time the reason is the many reports in the Palestinian media about 240 Jewish worshippers who ascended the Temple Mount this morning. Some of them prayed there, and one of the worshippers even blew the shofar.

Hundreds of Jews ascend to Temple Mount,

The police said that a few isolated disturbances by Jewish visitors, along with provocations by Muslim worshippers, were dealt with at the scene.The Palestinian media circulated many documentations of Jewish worshippers on the Temple Mount with reports of “desecration of the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque.” Among other things, a video was circulated of the Jerusalem police detaining a worshipper who blew a shofar at the site, due to the prohibition on Jews praying there.

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Alongside the footage of the worshipper’s detention, the Palestinians distributed a video of Muslim worshippers near one of the entrance gates alongside the caption: “Oh Muslims, don’t you see what’s happening at Al-Aqsa?!” The Popular Resistance Committees called the immigration a “dangerous escalation” and said it would respond: “The enemy is playing with fire and rushing to confront the resistance.

in conclusion Hundreds of Jews ascend to Temple Mount,

.. We condemn the Zionist assault on the Al-Aqsa Mosque and we will not stand idly by.A short time later, it was reported in Gaza that about three “test missiles” had been fired at the sea, and leaflets were distributed calling on young Palestinians to reach the border fence in order to confront the IDF – in an attempt to spark further riots as they were yesterday, which led in an unusual step to an attack on a Hamas position on the eve of the holiday.

During that violent disturbance, IEDs were activated and fragmentation grenades were thrown at the fighters, who prepared for clashes in advance and used crowd control measures. The Palestinians reported that 10 rioters were wounded by IDF fire. Last week there was another disturbance on the fence, in which the Palestinians also tried to plant an IED – but it exploded on the terrorists who tried to place it, killing 5 of them.

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