Suspected security incident: Police stop

suspicious vehicle on Route 431, drivers removed from the scene

Just before the holiday: Israeli security forces surrounded a suspicious vehicle today (Friday) on Route 431 between Rishon LeZion and Ramle. The police arrested 3 suspects and located an IED in their car.  Saboteurs were dispatched to the scene, drivers are removed from it and traffic congestion is felt in the area. According to the police, the Shin Bet is involved in the investigation.Footage from the scene shows the moment the suspect vehicle was arrested, with forces exiting a vehicle and attacking one of the suspects.

Suspected security incident: Police stop

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The rest of the cars are in place.Earlier today, an IED was located in the Yarkon Park area of Tel Aviv. Police forces called to the scene found the IED under a tree, and there were no casualties in the incident. The police have opened an investigation and the background is under investigation.

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