On the eve of the holiday: IDF attacks Hamas

position in the Gaza Strip

An IDF aircraft attacked an observation post of the Hamas terrorist organization in the northern Gaza Strip, the IDF Spokesperson said Friday evening. It was also reported that the post was attacked during a violent riot that took place near the border fence in the Gaza Strip.During the violent disturbance, IEDs were activated and fragmentation grenades were thrown at the fighters, and our forces suffered no casualties.

On the eve of the holiday: IDF attacks Hamas

The forces prepared to confront the disturbance and used crowd control measures. Palestinian reports: Three lightly wounded as a result of the attack.The Palestinians also reported that 10 rioters were wounded by IDF fire during the widespread riots along the border fence.The day before yesterday, a violent disturbance broke out in the same place, in which hundreds of Gazans participated. Several incidents of IEDs and grenades being thrown at IDF forces were identified.

in conclusion On the eve of the holiday: IDF attacks Hamas

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According to the Palestinian Health Ministry, four rioters were killed after the IED exploded on them. Nineteen others sustained varying degrees of injuries when the IED exploded.

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