“We have no borders, rabbis and politicians

will come to see the results."

At the forefront of the struggle against shooting attacks and arms smuggling along the Jordan Valley border is the Jordan Valley Brigade. Its two regular battalions – the Jordan Lions and the Jordan Valley – have only fighting commanders who lead the battalions in arrests, thwarting smuggling and ongoing defense of the sector. The companies are mixed, and most of them have a majority of female fighters.

“We have no borders, rabbis and politicians

“The fighters do exactly the same job – whether it’s TSA missions, if it’s activities, the soldiers are prepared in the same way, and sometimes the motivation of the female fighters is higher than that of the fighters,” declares Capt. Noa Gidoni, a company commander in the Jordan Lions Battalion, whose company is about two-thirds female fighters and one-third fighters.Eliminating arms smuggling and arrests.

Captain Gidoni, 23, from Jerusalem, is one of the five commanders of the Jordan Lions and Jordan Valley Battalions, and she pushes back against the claims about the mixed battalions, which were even more vocal after the attack on the Egyptian border three months ago, in which three fighters were murdered, two of them a fighter and a female fighter who had been together at the post for 12 hours. “Working together is crazy, and anyone who is dismissive should come and see the results, the sectors are complex and most of my company are fighters – and there are successes,” she says.

The Jordan Valley Brigade provides a tactical response to strengthen the defense along the Jordanian border, in order to eradicate weapons smuggling and prevent the penetration of terrorist organizations through the border. The brigade strengthens the defense mechanisms on the border and contributes to the counterterrorism data in cooperation with the MATILAN unit (intelligence, observation, interception and mobile warfare), Yigal (the Lebanese border unit), detectives from the Judea and Samaria district (Judea and Samaria) and the Magen unit.

In 2023, the brigade seized more than 415 weapons at the Jordan Valley border in 16 different smuggling, and thwarted two drug smuggling operations in which 36 kilograms of drugs were seized.The series of shooting attacks in the Jordan Valley also places the two battalions at the forefront of the war on terror. The Jordan Valley Lioness’ Battalion, which is permanently located in the Jericho area, is responsible for defending it, along with the Egoz, Magellan, and especially Duvdevan commando units.

The forces operate opposite the ‘Aqbat Jaber refugee camp, near Jericho, and over the past year 42 terrorists have been detained in the camp.”He came out and started shooting nonstop.Right: Capt. Noa Gidoni, Capt. Noa Cohen, Capt. Osher Ben Tzur, Capt. May Cohen and Capt.The Jordan Lions Battalion has three commanders: Capt. May Cohen, Capt. Gidoni, and Capt. Eden Mansbetov. The Battalion has two platoons: Capt.

Noa Cohen and Capt. Osher Ben Tzur. The five told us about the operational activity in which their companies are involved, about the battalions involved and about the complex incidents under fire.”Sometimes the motivation of the female fighters is higher than that of the fighters.” Capt.Captain Gidoni and Capt. Ben Tzur say that the battalions deal mainly with arrests and searches for weapons in the Jordan Valley.

When asked how intense their activity is and how many conflicts and resistance there are, they answer: “It’s part of what we experience in our day-to-day, but we do what needs to be done.”Because of the past of terror attacks, we are very much outside, on the roads,” adds Capt. Gidoni. “Now the students are back in school, there is more bus traffic, school buses, so we are stepping up there. We conduct weapons searches, arrests and patrols.

 Arms smuggling is something we deal with a lot, in our defense. The sector is integrated, both the eastern sector and the western sector, more Judea and Samaria, so it is imperative to combine the two things.Captain Gidoni: “Yes, in operational activities.Tell me a moment about this, it’s a complex event for every fighter, especially for the first time and especially for commanders.Capt. Ben Zur: “It is clear that there is complexity and there is constant concern and we want to return everyone safely.

in conclusion “We have no borders, rabbis and politicians

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This is often surprising. Sometimes it’s a passing vehicle, sometimes it’s more accurate – and there needs to be a quick and strong response. In the end, at the end, the goal is to reach an event of victory over the enemy.Captain Ben Tzur, 24, from Tel Mond, describes the activity in the ‘Aqbat Jaber refugee camp, which was established in 1948. An infrastructure of terrorist operatives grew inside the camp, which carried out severe shooting attacks.

The Jordan Valley Battalion’s Battalion was part of the activity to reduce terrorism emanating from Jericho. “There was outstanding activity at the event at Aqbat Jaber, many forces joined,” says Capt. Ben Tzur. “This was an operation we had been preparing for for a very long time. On the radio we heard, ‘We were attacked,’ and the next thing you’re going to do is strive for contact and see what everyone’s status is, and then you see a quantity of weapons that you realize you’ve reached a completely different intensity.

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