A severe attack disrupts landings at Ben

Gurion Airport: the assumption – the attackers are hostile elements from abroad

A serious attack has disrupted plane landings at Ben Gurion Airport in recent months, the airport learned Wednesday morning. The Israel Airports Authority admitted: “Unknown elements are disrupting the GPS systems of plane landings en route to Ben Gurion Airport.” Due to the difficulty of the planes landing on their designated runways, they land on alternative routes.Israel is examining the possibility that these are Russian electronic warfare systems operating in Syria and the eastern Mediterranean, as has already happened in the past.

A severe attack disrupts landings at Ben

Alongside the tests, there are efforts to resolve the issue.The Airports Authority’s admission came after residents of the Mateh Binyamin Regional Council complained to their mayor, Israel Gantz, about deafening noise from passenger planes passing the communities at low altitudes. The council sent a letter to the authority, demanding an explanation that the planes do not land directly from the sea and take the long route that passes over the settlement of Hashmonaim.

in conclusion A severe attack disrupts landings at Ben

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In the response letter, Iris Raz, head of the Airports Authority’s Environment Division, revealed, “In recent months, the State of Israel has experienced incessant GPS interference, apparently from elements outside the State of Israel. These interferences almost completely prevent the ability to carry out the landing processes.”The Airports Authority is aware of the effects of noise around Ben Gurion Airport, and is constantly doing its best to minimize it and divide it fairly between the various communities in the Ben Gurion Airport area,” Raz added.

This exposure by Israel Hayom came after quite a few attempts by hostile elements from abroad to disrupt the GPS systems, automatic landing and directions, which are supposed to help pilots land on short runways, were thwarted.

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