The dispute between Hamas and Qatar – and

the pressure on Israel: Behind the clashes on the fence in Gaza

The relative calm in the Gaza Strip was recently disrupted by the resumption of clashes along the fence, which continued on Tuesday evening. Rioters tried to breach the border fence and launched incendiary balloons, and nine were injured and a 25-year-old man was killed, according to the Palestinian Health Ministry. In response to the riots, Israel decided to keep Erez Crossing closed tomorrow as well.

The dispute between Hamas and Qatar – and

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The cost of living in Gaza is worsening, and as a result, prices are also soaring. Although the Qatari grant entered the Gaza Strip on Rosh Hashanah in its current format, Hamas cut the salaries of its officials and announced that they would receive only 55% of them this month.Faced with rising prices, Hamas demanded that Qatar increase the amount of the grant so that it could pay its officials, but was refused.

Hamas leader in Gaza Yahya Sinwar is “flexing his muscles” and increasing the flames by renewing clashes on the fence.”Hamas is facing a suffocating economic crisis and is unable to finance the salaries of its officials, and as a result, a great financial loss has been caused. So he demanded that Qatar increase the grant.”There were a lot of problems during the year and during this period the Jews are going up to the Temple Mount, so it increases the conflagration in the area and I don’t rule out that it will explode later on and lead to a military operation in Gaza.

in conclusion The dispute between Hamas and Qatar – and

The riots are led by an extremist group within Hamas called the Young Revolutionaries, who demonstrate like rogue people on the fence and disturb order.Hamas, which is considered sovereign in the Gaza Strip, allows them to carry out the riots and does not stop them, in an attempt to pressure Israel to pressure Qatar to increase the grant.Hamas fuels the clashes on the fence and allows hundreds of young Gazans to riot every evening at several locations along the border, where they pass tires, throw IEDs and throw stones.

The scope is relatively limited at this stage, and there are about 200 Palestinians.As a sanction, Israel decided to close the Erez crossing to workers for the second day, due to clashes continuing on the fence yesterday. This is a significant economic loss for the Gaza Strip and is an attempt by Israel to exert pressure on Hamas to control the situation and stop the riots.About 18,500 workers enter Israel normally, each earning an average of 7,000 shekels a month, while in Gaza they will have to make do with only 55 shekels a day.

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