Precise, Advanced and Quiet: Israel’s New

Submarine Torpedoes in Action

The ship sailed quietly across the Mediterranean, without noticing anything. Suddenly, not far from it but underwater, the order was given: the torpedo missile that was waiting quietly was launched – from a submarine – and hit the target in the blink of an eye. The ship was destroyed in an instant. Applause was heard inside the submarine, and the operation was described as a success. It was a drill, but the torpedo was real: that’s what it looked like in the exclusive documentation I had.

Precise, Advanced and Quiet: Israel’s New

The submarine that fired the torpedo was INS Takuma, which sailed as far as the area in the Mediterranean where the test was carried out. An old civilian vessel was recruited as a target – and destroyed. The Navy periodically tests its launch capabilities, usually with missiles for training purposes, and this time it was the real torpedo that was tested “on wet”, in field conditions. The missile operates using sonar, sound waves at a frequency that increases as you approach the bottom.

This experiment was carefully planned and detailed, and the execution was no less impressive. The fighters of the submarine flotilla, among those who know how to wait quietly and vigilantly for the day of command, also got to see with their own eyes the destructive capabilities and precision of the unique weapon.This is a model of torpedo that exists in the submarine flotilla – an underwater missile launched stealthily from a submarine.

The real torpedo, like the one launched in this exercise, carries explosives. From inside the submarine, the missile can be controlled and directed at targets: the navy explains that this way it is possible to reach very close targets without them even noticing the danger, and then cause great damage.The test proved in practice how effective this weapon is – and this is only part of the flotilla’s lethal underwater attack capability, which operates at long ranges.

The advanced torpedo is considered the pinnacle of technology, mainly due to its level of accuracy, and its position deviation from the target is minimal. The submarine from which it is launched is also equipped with modern and advanced means, including systems that can defend against torpedo launches: some of these capabilities were developed by engineers from the Navy.The person who controlled the torpedo this time was a soldier who had completed a diver course, joined the flotilla, gained experience and was authorized to control torpedoes – an authority that carries responsibility for a valuable missile.

The commanders were impressed by the fact that even relatively young soldiers like him demonstrate extensive knowledge and carry out the mission in the best possible way.The expensive, sophisticated and precise missile is defined as an “asset” for the State of Israel, a major force multiplier – especially in the face of the challenges facing Israel, chief among them the battle between the wars. The arm warfare system, as it is known in the Navy, has already accumulated thousands of sea hours – and the IAF prides itself on the fact that “wherever there is a sea we know how to reach and can hit it.

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Not everything can be said about the submarine flotilla’s activity: what happens in it is considered classified, but it is a very significant element in the warfare capabilities. Around the clock and in distant places, they accumulate many operational hours and do so in great secrecy – even in locations where fighting may occur in the future. The submarine crew that participated in this exercise, it is said, has breathing space, mental strength and modesty.

The weapons systems are upgraded and changed from time to time, and the tests – whether with real torpedoes or dummy missiles – are designed to test the integrity and capabilities. In this experiment, the issue of the quality of the team, which required extensive knowledge and maximum accuracy, was particularly prominent. When used correctly, this weapon can dismantle the target in seconds. The navy is aware that all elements operating at sea have weapons, but greatness is tested in their use – and in their ability to function under pressure and surprise the enemy.

in conclusion Precise, Advanced and Quiet: Israel’s New

The torpedo is a significant weapon reserved for when the IDF really needs it, and recent years have provided several possible examples: the Russia-Ukraine war also included scenes of a naval blockade designed to paralyze countries – and sent wheat prices soaring around the world, and the mining of seaports also showed how much a tie-breaking weapon, an asymmetric weapon, is sometimes needed. The tactical operation of weapons at sea will change global strategic moves – and this is known to both Israel and other countries.

And this complex picture also enters the unmanned aerial vehicles, the same UAVs that are sometimes operated even from hundreds of kilometers away. Beyond the damage to areas that were difficult to reach before, the damage to consciousness when Russia is hit by such an attack is much greater than what remains on the ground.

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