Revolution in the IDF: Women will be able

to enlist in the Sayeret Matkal

The IDF announced Tuesday evening that after a thorough examination and following conduct petitions in the High Court of Justice, women will be allowed to be selected for additional combat positions, including Sayeret Matkal. As early as next year, the first track for women combatants in the unit will open, if enough female soldiers pass the screening.In addition to Sayeret Matkal, pilots will begin in 2024 to establish a team of female fighters in maneuvering armor and a team of female fighters in the profession of mobility infantry, subject to the finding of sufficient suitable female fighters.

Revolution in the IDF: Women will be able

They will join the combat service track in the Yahalam unit, which began in March 2023 and will continue with recruitment this November, and experience Unit 669, which will open in about two months.The designated track for female fighters in the profession of mobility infantry is expected to be carried out within the framework of a mobility unit currently operating in the 551st Infantry Brigade. Training female fighters for combat roles in maneuvering armor will take place within the framework of the existing tank warfare track in border defense, in accordance with the requirements of the new position.

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The IDF emphasized that at the end of each of the pilots, the results will be examined according to orderly criteria. However, Chief of Staff Halevy has already assessed that the chances of successful experience of maneuvering armored fighters are low. “The experience will be carried out in an orderly and considered manner,” the IDF stressed. “The issue will continue to be examined according to data and conclusions, which will accumulate from the other experiences up to the starting point.

The decision to open the tracks follows petitions submitted to the High Court of Justice to expand the combat roles open to women. The IDF conducted “thorough and thorough examination processes,” and updated that as a result, the screening process for women would be identical to that of men. This means that women will be able to be sorted into combat roles without preconditions, similar to men.The IDF’s announcement of the move added: “Women have served in the army since its inception, and make a significant contribution to achieving its goals.

Over the years, the IDF has undergone lengthy processes to expand the various roles in which women are placed, particularly in combat roles, while adhering to the principles of the Joint Service Ordinance, and maintaining the People’s Army and service from all segments of the population and society. Today, 90% of positions in the army are open to women, and thousands of female soldiers serve in a variety of combat roles.

in conclusion Revolution in the IDF: Women will be able

The Dvora Forum, which is accompanying the petitioners in the High Court of Justice on the issue, welcomed the decision. “We are confident that the excellent and motivated women who will join these units will contribute greatly to them,” they wrote. “However, even this position does not comply with the language of the law, which states that women have an equal right to play any role in military service, unless this is required by the nature and nature of the position.

The Dvora Forum added: “The IDF is required to adopt the criteria for professional selection based on abilities, quality and requirements for the position, and not on gender. Only in this way will the manpower potential be maximized. Today’s news mainly concerns Sayeret Matkal, but many units and positions remain closed to young women who aspire to be fighters. Thus, the opportunity for women to reach senior positions in the IDF in the operational system and at the top decision-making leadership continues to be blocked.

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