Police investigating: Tank stolen from Ben

IDF training base

A Merkava 2 tank was stolen tonight (between Tuesday and Wednesday) from an IDF training base near the Elyakim interchange. Upon receiving the report from the Ministry of Defense to the police, the Hof District police began searching and located the tool in a scrapyard in the Nesher area. An investigation into the case was opened in cooperation with the Military Police Investigation Unit.A joint statement by the Defense Ministry and the IDF said that the tank went out of use many years ago and did not contain ammunition.

Police investigating: Tank stolen from Ben

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It was also reported that the incident would also be investigated from a command perspective.The stolen vehicle is an old Merkava tank, but it was used by soldiers for exercises. The base where the incident took place is at A.F. Elyakim, the Northern Command’s command training base. The tank was returned to its place.

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